As mentioned before, you can use your golden syrup, bought when baking the pecane pie, for the salted caramel necessary for making BAKED's sweet&salty brownie. Don't be discouraged by the word "caramel". Bakesaurus used to fear making it too; what if the sugar burns, what if he cooks it for too long, what if his hands are to short for stirring it... It is actually good to make such caramel first, when starting your adventure with different types of caramel. It contains water so it's quite hard to burn it which gives us a bit more control over it. Also, don't be afraid of the word "salted" either. We give less amount of salt because original sweet&salty brownie they serve at BAKED is suuuper salty! Besides, salt brings out flavours so you will taste caramel flavour even stronger. You will deifnitely love it! Today, Bakesaurus let me make the caramel on my own (he decided I was ready...) but he promised he will be the one to make the brownie!

(Modified recipe from BAKED.)

Salted caramel

a small jar


1 cup sugar

2 tbsp golden syrup or corn syrup

1/4 cup water

1/2 heavy cream

1/4 cup sour cream

1 tsp fleur de sel


Put sugar, water and golden syrup in a heavy-pottomed pan. Give it a stir and put on a stove. Start cooking over a medium heat for approximately 10-12 minutes until it reaches a golden, amber colour. Don't worry, it doesn't change it's colour so fast, you will definitely see the difference! Remove from the heat and quickly pour in heavy cream. Be careful, it will sizzle! You might see gooey chunks of caramel but the will dissolve as you stir. Add salt and sour cream and thoroughly stir. Pour into a small jar and cover after it cools completely. Use in no more than 3 weeks.



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