For all those who are late with their holiday baking! And for those who still want to "wow" their guests... Very easy recipe for meringue cookies that can be used as a decoration for cupcakes, cakes or even as a simple table decoration! Merry Christmas!

Rich, moist chocolate cake, a layer of delightful marzipan, a tiny bit sour cranberry jelly and tons of incredibly smooth mascarpone cream. Christmas cake that melts in your mouth. Ideal dessert for Christmas Day.

The beginning of December is absolutely the last call for baking gingerbread cookies! These don't have to wait so long to soften, they are crispy right after making them. Thanks to homemade gingerbread spice mix they have an even intensive flavour. I'm not sure they will make it until Christmas... ;-)

On the 1st of December we officialy start the real Christmas season. So it is the very last call for baking gingerbread cookies! They require the highest quality gingerbread spice mix. Where or how to get it? Just make it yourself from the best, fresh spices!