Dinosaurs are such amazing creatures. Carnivore and herbivore, small and big, with a long neck or with hands, that are too small... How can you not like them?! Since the day “Jurassic Park” was released, or actually since the day my parents let me watch it at the age of 7, I dreamed of having my very own dinosaur. Nobody could convince me that they probably won't be back on planet Earth anytime soon...

from Asalucander

And now the whole world will be surprised! I do have a dinosaur. And it's a dinosaur that can BAKE!

This is my dinosaur. His name is Bakesaurus, but he's actually a Velociraptor. He can roll out pastry crusts, beat the egg whites for meringue, decorate cupcakes or even fill cakes with cream! After seeing his skills in the kitchen I just had to introduce him to you guys as well! I hope you will be amazed by his desserts just like I was... and don't be deceived by his claws. Velociraptors are unbelievably dexterous!