Phew... I found a tiny bit of time to write something on the blog! I must admit, visit of Bakesaurus' cousin is pretty time consuming. You know, drinking tea, nibbling on sweets, chitchatting... Cakesaurus is incredibly friendly but at the same time sort of picky. I found out he loves cakes and pies with bananas! So I couldn't make anything tastier than banoffee pie. Banoffee is a combination of two delicious words: "banana" and "toffee". The very first time I came across this flavour combo was in London. On that day I had my tongue pierced and had to go to work and serve customers for another 8 hours. As my tongue was seriously swollen I was unable to eat anything. So I ordered a cold, cold banoffe milkshake at one coffee shop (I also believed it will diminish swelling). Wow! Wow! And one more time - wow! Do you sometimes have the feeling that something taste just... perfectly right? For instance: mozzarella and basil. Or spinach and garlic. Apples and cinnamon. I have that feeling when it comes to bananas and toffee. You just cannot eat these two separately! Try this combination and you will love it! And especially try it as banoffe pie!

Today, a vey quick recipe for caramel florentines before I post the rest of the deliciousnesses I made this week :) Such caramels are and ideal proposition for the fans of hardy candies. They're enhanced with salted peanuts which gives them an edgy taste. A bit like salted caramel (what is up with this salted caramel and me?!)! They are super fun to make because you just hit a huge chunk of caramel against a table or other flat surface. So a recipe definitely for those who like to take their anger out! But the best part about them is that you can use them as so many different things! I made florentines for decorating my mini peanut butter cheesecakes. Nigella recommends making them as gift for Christmas. As you prefer! And soon on the blog, already mentioned, mini peanut butter cheesecakes for which I made today's florentines.

Recipe comes from Nigella Lawson's book "Nigella Christmas".

P.S. Bakesaurus went to see his family, particularly cousin. Not the closest one, but still, sometimes you ought to. And from what I heard, this cousin is also coming to visit him too! ;) There're going to be two dinosaurs in the house?!

I'm not a big fan of cheesecakes. All my life I thought that the best ones are those Polish: heavy, dense, made from homemade cheese. My grandfather's cheesecake was so intense that there was a layer of butter forming itself at the bottom. Unfortunately (sorry Dad!), I only liked this buttery layer because it was super creamy. And I dreamed of a cheesecake like that. One time, I read that those English and American are so delicate, creamy and melting in one's mouth. But my first attempt with a New York Cheesecake from Roger Pizey's book "Small Cakes. From Fondant Fancies to Florentines" was a complete fiasco. So I made a decision that I don't like cheesecakes and I wouldn't be making them at all. Until I heard about a water bath! I tried one time a cheesecake baked in a water bath at one of the restaurants in my home city. I was in shock - it was unbelievably creamy and delicate! Since it's a season for cranberries, and Dorota from Moje Wypieki blog posted a cheesecake with cranberry topping, baked in the wather bath, there was no other option but make the same one :) The cheesecake is incredibly creamy, even, and a sour taste of the cranberries ideally harmonize with the vanilla base. Bakesaurus and I both agree it is amazing!

It was Halloween on Friday! I know that in Poland we don't really celebrate this holiday but, even though, it's still an occassion to make something scary... and sweet! I made a bet with Bakesaurus that I can bake something scarier-looking than him (he still believes that he is the scariest dinosaur ever and that his ancestors were better than T-Rex). You can find the results below.

I really enjoy writing a blog. I've always wanted to make a cake like that but, unfortunately, I've never had a possibility to do so. For the last 2 years I worked at a bakery but the organization of work is different from what I have assumed. Despite the fact that I usually had the opportunity to incorporate my ideas into the bakery's production schedule, I never had the opportunity to make such a cake. Simply, because it would be too hard to sell it by pieces :) And being a blogger is actually demanding from me being creative and taking challenges! I found the inspiration for this cake on Pinterest but made it from my own recipes for yellow cake and vanilla buttercream. This cake is for the fans of very sweet but classic flavours. I recommend it also to those who would like to try themselves at baking and decorating cakes. Because of its monster look you don't need to worry about being perfect. Monsters are imperfect, aren't they?!