These rich and moist cupcakes with the most delicious cream cheese frosting will blow your and your significant other's minds! And tummies! Red Velvet Cupcakes are a classic Valentine's Day dessert and even without sprinkles they look festive!

One of the things I've always wanted to do was my own peanut butter. I couldn't imagine peanuts being crushed to a consistency of a thick paste... and you must admit: hard and difficult to chop peanuts blended into a butter?! That just sounds unreal! But it turns out... it is 100% real and, in fact, oddly satisfying!

I have never been a REALLY big fan of Nutella. One sandwich every once in a while was enough. But after trying this Homemade Nutella I changed my mind! The secret to this deliciousness is roasting the hazelnuts. This is where it gets its wonderful smell and taste from!

Do you like tiramisu? Well, we love it. The creaminess of mascarpone, the aroma of amaretto and those moist, coffee-flavoured ladyfingers... What's not to love?! A very classy and fancy dessert that will definitely "wow" your guests.